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Jul. 22nd, 2007 | 03:04 am
location: My Home
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Always by Mitsunaga Ryota

I'm a RyoUchi's fan.
I love their relationship.
Eventhough they aren't love each other as lover, I believe that Ryo and Uchi are complicated relation. [Complicated but so cute for me >//< ]

i found the notice about RyoUchi Rabu and wanna collect them in my LJ.

Lovely...Lovely ones.

The Rabu Shirt.

This is a reason that i call it 'Rabu shirt'.  <3

This is Rabu shirt ver.2   (>w<)

'Rabu bracelet'


I love them so much~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gambatte ne~

I'll stand by you all!!!!!!!!!!
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My princess is come back

Jul. 22nd, 2007 | 02:05 am
location: My Home
mood: enthralled enthralled
music: Hana by OrangeRange


I didn't up my LJ 4 long times ToT 'coz so busy [[much exam&report]].
But in hail, it hav a Big good news 'The return of the prince(ss) of Kanjani8'.
For 2 years, i waited for Uchii with his fans. I worried 'bout him so much 'coz i didn't know 'How's about Uchii?' 'Is he fine?' .

And the rumours about him that i read can't certainly that it's True!!!

Anyway, He's came back now.

With Kusano(I always call them 'Hirox2' 5555).

Today, I will post the papa pic of Hirox2 in Playzone2007.

credit- Auction

Uchi Hiroki

Kusano Hironori

(sorry i found less ones)

I love Hirox2.
Uchii is very cute.
And Kusano is so actively boy.

Although, i read any bad rumour 'bout them after PZ , i can't say anything. no have any word to say.

Because I look forward to see the two lovely boys in his Unit <For Uchii, i mean both K8&News>

Anyway, I will support them forever.

Crazy day!!!!

Apr. 30th, 2007 | 08:20 pm
location: in MU
mood: bitchy bitchy
music: It's raining by Rain(Bi)


Today is my mid-term exam day.

It's rain cats and dogs.

I worried about 'How can i go to the faculty's building?'

But so lucky! 'coz  my friend's father came to pick me up.

Thanks to the Lord(and Beau's papa).

I do my exam with a common sense. (^o^)

Some choices so confuse.

And I can't read every sheet 'coz i'm lazy(So bad!!!!)

How does my point????  (T=T)

Okey, I'm free now.

I wanna take my life happy.

Not too worried.

But not too easy.

For my future.

I have to one more try.



PS. The big news is 'Akajin came back'. So Happy!!!. And he always stays by Kamechan's side. I'm so Happiessssssssssss.(haha)  So Yaoi desu ne~!  hahahahaha  I love it!!!!!

(So Kawaii desu ne~)  (^3^) <33333

I'm looking for HiroHiro(Hiroki  Uchi & Hironori  Kusano)
Gambatte ne~!  I'll stand by you all.

My Sweety Bedroom

Apr. 12th, 2007 | 11:53 pm
location: in MU
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Sayaendo by NEWS


Today is my cleaning day.

I renew my bed and cleaning the dolls.

So tired. (^^'')

But it make me freshy 'coz its color are Uchii color . (haha)

All of them are Uchii!!!!

'Pinku world'

The bed, pillow, bloster are Pinku desu ne~  (So Sweet)

And this is on my bed.

(Kawaii desu ka?)

Pround to present one by one.

This is NahBan(Thai language means big face)
My friends gave it to me in my bithday.
So cute and i love it.
I love cat. <3

It is Ultramankun.
I got it from my ex-roommate in TU.
It tell me the time everyday & alarm me all time when i want.
But its voice is very funny, I usually wake up before it alarm.
And turn off it 'coz i don't wanna wake my roommate up.

This is NongRyo.
It's a music-box doll.
The song is ABC....
Feel like turn to be child when listen it.
I call that NongRyo 'coz it's Yellow. (haha...so  crazy reason)

This is NongChii.
My birthday gift from Punch.
Kawaii desu ne~
P'Palm tell me it'll be like Uchii when i take some flower on it.
Good Idea!  (hihi)

The flower on its head make it so bitchy. (^o^)

Its name is KonBuam(BigAss).
My sister-in-work gave me in Thank you party.
So lovely.
I took my hat on it.....so cool. (hihi)

The last one are  Mamee and Mumee.
Two taddy bear that i bought from weekend market in MU.
Seller tell me it is amazing bears.
They can interacted together.
When they had a quarrel, they'll overlook together.
But when they are reconciled, they'll gaze together.(on the picture)
So funny.

Oh! I must sleep now.





Gambatte ne!....I'll stand by you

Apr. 11th, 2007 | 05:32 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: My Everything / 98degrees


This is my 1st post in journal.

Today is good day.

I got some good news from nanzhou (when i was reading comic book).

It make me threw the book away.  (haha)

It is about Uchii.

She told me that  in MC NEWS concert  Ryo talk about Uchii!!!

He said " Uchi mailed me that ' Gambatte ne!...I'll stand by you' "

Oh God!!!!  I'm so happy


RyoUchi  are perfect match !!!!!!!!!!!!


Gambatte ne!  I'll stand by you all   RyoUchii!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to see you'll always together